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© 2012 Pestco, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2012 Pestco, Inc. All rights reserved.



Pest Control Pittsburgh


Fly season is here.

Discover the discreet solution

to perplexing fly problems in commercial establishments.

Protecting health and enhancing indoor environments.

Bedbugs. Think you might

have a problem?

Greater Pittsburgh's only complete source for commercial pest control, indoor scenting and odor control!

Protect your good name and reputation. Our technicians are trained in all phases of bedbug identification and treatment. Call today for a free evaluation. Commercial establishments only.

Pest Management

Air Freshener Service

Ambient Scenting

Commercial pest control company.

Totally-effective Air-Scent® systems.

Scent air for the desired response.

Pest Control Company | Pest Control Pittsburgh

Control drain flies and odors.

Our exclusive enzyme action Enz-O-Matic™ product is the best way to control flies, odors and grease build-up in floor drains and drain lines.

Pittsburgh's premiere commercial pest control company. Discover why the region's most prestigious businesses use Pestco for their commercial pest control service.

Fresh scents are associated with good housekeeping and unlike retail or janitorial products Air-Scent® systems are guaranteed to work. Call today for a free trial.

Create a welcoming experience, set a mood, reinforce your brand. Take control of every way your customers and clients perceive your business— including their sense of smell.

Go green without compromise.

X-TermiGreen Green Pest Control

The X-TermiGreen™ program from Pestco® Inc. offers effective pest control the healthy, environmentally responsible, green way.

Who knew? We make the products we use right here in Pittsburgh.

Family-owned and operated by proud Pittsburghers since 1946

Pestco, Inc. is the nation's only commercial service firm of its kind that actually manufactures the products it uses. Thats right. Pest control solutions, air fresheners, odor control products, ambient scent systems, fragrances, washroom hygiene products and more—all made locally in our 80,000 sq. ft. North Pittsburgh facility.

Apply here. You may be just what we're looking for.

At Pestco we recognize that there is no substitute for talent and experience. Our employees are at the heart of our ability to offer unparalleled customer service and uncompromising quality. To ensure a high level of service and to facilitate our continued growth, we maintain an aggressive recruiting posture. Read on to learn what a career with Pestco has to offer.

Call now. We're really friendly!


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© 2012 Pestco, Inc. All rights reserved.

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